The Portrait Gallery (Crystal Palace Guide 2)

978-1-906267-10-0. Phillips. 1854. The Portrait Gallery of the Crystal Palace


This guide to the Portrait Gallery in Crystal Palace lists names of those chosen for display, plus biographical information. In effect, this offers a directory of those held in high esteem by mid-Victorian society. It’s a roll call of Britain’s heritage. Listed are artists and musicians, poets and dramatists, scientists, soldiers, statesmen, theologians, and royalty. Portraits were organised by nation: Greek and Roman, Italian, French, German, and English (notably, not ‘British’).


Samuel Phillips is the author.


Phillips, Samuel. 1854. The Portrait Gallery of the Crystal Palace (London: Euston Grove Press), 238 pages. 2008 facsimile edition of 1854 original edition.

ISBN13: 978-1-906267-10-0 (paperback)
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