Shakespeare and Science

Cumberland Clark. 1929. Shakespeare and Science. ISBN 978-1-906267-39-1.
9781906267391 Cumberland Clark - Shakespeare and Science - Clarke
ISBN 9781906267391

Cumberland Clarke’s Shakespeare and Science is a monumental compilation of the Bard’s many references to natural and celestial phenomena, including a careful study of Shakespeare’s interest in, and dramatic use of, natural phenomena. It includes an account of Elizabethan astronomy, astrology, and alchemy. Complete facsimile of 1929 original. This edition also includes cross-referencing to individual plays and sonnets.


Cumberland Clark (1862-1941) was a passionate scholar of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as well as a poet, songwriter, and raconter. He was a prolific author of poems, plays, and political tracts, such as:

  • Shakespeare and National Character. 1932
  • Shakespeare and Dickens. 1918
  • A Study of Macbeth. 1925
  • The Rose of Windsor. 1926
  • Men of Sussex. 1927
  • Falstaff and his Friends. 1935
  • Astronomy in the Poets. nd


Clark, Cumberland. 2013 [1929]. Shakespeare and Science: A Study of Shakespeare’s Interest in, and Literary and Dramatic Use of, Natural Phenomena; with an Account of the Astronomy, Astrology, and Alchemy of his Day, and his Attitude towards these Sciences.

ISBN13: 978-1-906267-39-1 (paperback)
ISBN10: 1-906267-39-1 (paperback)
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