The Nature of Gothic

Richard Coeur de Lion statue. 1856

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Ruskin’s famous essay The Nature of Gothic first appeared as a chapter in his 1853 The Stones of Venice. This chapter proved immensely popular and took on a life of its own. It helped define style and fashion for a generation, affecting architecture, manufacture, and design. His essay added fuel to another phase of the Gothic Revival in Britain.

Ruskin inspired William Morris, and this volume includes a preface by Arts and Crafts designer William Morris, added to a reprint first published in 1889.


John Ruskin was a nineteenth century artist and designed whose vision reached to the Medieval period in Europe as the source of craftsmanship and meaning.


Ruskin, John. 1853. The Nature of Gothic: A Chapter from The Stones of Venice (London: Euston Grove Press), 90 pages. 2011 facsimile of 1889 reprint of Ruskin’s 1853 essay.

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