The Byzantine and Romanesque Court (Crystal Palace Guide 4)

978-1-906267-13-1. Wyatt and Waring. 1854. The Byzantine and Romanesque Court in the Crystal Palace


Detailed description of this exhibition, together with a brief survey of architectural and design history of Byzantium and other parts of Christian Europe, including German and French Romanesque. Additional notes are provided on Irish art (550-1000AD), described as superior to Anglo-Saxon work in the same age, and on the effigies found in Temple Church, London belonging to the Order of the Temple, or Knights Templar.


Matthew Digby Wyatt is the author.

John Burley Waring is the author, too.


Wyatt, Matthew Digby and Waring, John Burley. 1854. The Byzantine and Romanesque Court in the Crystal Palace (London: Euston Grove Press), 120 pages. 2009 facsimile edition.

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