Recent Published Titles

  • Shakespeare and Science

    Shakespeare and Science

    Cumberland Clarke’s Shakespeare and Science is a monumental compilation of the Bard’s many references to natural and celestial phenomena, including a careful study of Shakespeare’s interest in, and dramatic use… Continue reading

  • UNESCO: Its Plan and Purpose

    UNESCO: Its Plan and Purpose

    UNESCO was created “to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among the nations through education, science, and culture.” No one spoke with greater authority about the plan for UNESCO… Continue reading

  • The Brown Dog and His Memorial

    The Brown Dog and His Memorial

    In 1907, London medical students protested over a statue raised to a little brown dog. Bonfires burned late into the night. Large groups marched through the streets clashing with police…. Continue reading

  • Headquarters Nights

    Headquarters Nights

    A record of conversations and experiences at the headquarters of the German Army in France and Belgium during World War 1, following one man’s transformation from an opponent of all wars… Continue reading

  • Eoörnis pterovelox gobiensis (Eoornis)

    Eoörnis pterovelox gobiensis (Eoornis)

    Meet Eoörnis (Eoornis), the woofen-poof. As the author explains, ‘Through countless ages and successive civilizations this remarkable bird has been the symbol of speed, stamina, grace of line, proportion of… Continue reading


Recent in Crystal Palace Guides (series)

  • CPG15: Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World

    CPG15: Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World

    Richard Owen’s original guide to the Crystal Palace dinosaurs, created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and displayed in Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham, London since 1854. These life-sized sculptures of prehistoric ‘monsters’… Continue reading

  • CPG13: Natural History Department

    CPG13: Natural History Department

      The “Natural History Court” had two organising themes. First, ethnology – a speciality in anthropology emphasising comparisons between human cultures – was a new discipline in the 1850s. Displays… Continue reading

  • CPG14: Courts of Modern Sculpture

    CPG14: Courts of Modern Sculpture

    An inventory for the statues and sculptures displayed in the Crystal Palace and Park. It’s a celebration of modern sculpting, 17th to 19th century, with English work set alongside French,… Continue reading

  • CPG04: The Byzantine and Romanesque Court

    CPG04: The Byzantine and Romanesque Court

    Detailed description of this exhibition, together with a brief survey of architectural and design history of Byzantium and other parts of Christian Europe, including German and French Romanesque. Additional notes… Continue reading

  • CPG07: The Italian Court

    CPG07: The Italian Court

    Catalogue for one of the great courts in the 1854 Crystal Palace at Sydenham. Detailed description of the exhibition’s sculpture, facades, and paintings. Wyatt and Waring give a synoptic history… Continue reading